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English Help

To listen live

 If you are familiar with our broadcast schedule, then now's the time to click here and go live !

If not... then read this brief User Manual

This will let you hear whatever it is we are broadcasting at this moment in time. Just like listening to your portable radio.
Of course, your favourite show might not be on for another ten minutes yet, so you'll have to wait... then again, you might strike it lucky and be just in time to catch the start of, say, Newsline.
Another possibility could be that you've tuned in at a time of day that we are simply not on air. So there's no English Language Service available!

If you are unsure of the times of day we broadcast, then we recommend you first check our broadcast Schedule.
This is a nifty little table that explains how and when our English service appears alongside our other language services.
It might look complicated at first... but persevere, because after a while it really is very simple.
If you have any questions or comments please send a

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